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Have the Time of Your Life With A Colorado Adventure Elopement

Newlyweds share an intimate moment on a rocky mountainside on a windy day

Adventure doesn’t mean any one thing. For some people, adventure is a roller coaster. For others, it’s white water rafting. Other people may consider starting a family or buying a new house to be the greatest adventure of all. Adventure is everywhere you look – especially in incredible places like Colorado! There’s a reason so many couples come to Colorado for an amazing, adventurous elopement. With soaring mountain ranges, epic views, and secluded natural settings, it’s the perfect place to host the kickoff to the biggest adventure of your life – marriage! Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to celebrate your love story with an incredible Colorado adventure elopement.

The Ultimate Guide To A Colorado Adventure Elopement 

A bride dances and walks through a remote field barefoot Colorado Adventure Elopement

When You Should Elope on a Colorado Adventure & How to Pick Your Date

Picking your elopement date should depend on what you ultimately decide to do for your adventure. Obviously, if you’re planning on incorporating a winter activity like skiing or snowshoeing, you’ll want to pick a snowier time of year in late fall, winter, or early spring. But even that depends on elements like elevation and specific locations. 

Other adventures like kayaking, biking, and horseback riding are better suited for seasons without snow when alpine lakes are sparkling blue and meadows are bursting with wildflowers. Or you can take the time to find a place that comes alive with vibrant fall colors in autumn. Picking your date starts with determining what you’d like to do to celebrate and then working backward to find the perfect location and ideal season for your adventure! 

A groom kisses his bride's forehead as they stand in a grassy mountain trail

Colorado Adventure Elopement Ideas 

There are so many unique ways to embrace adventure with a Colorado elopement! Hiking and backpacking are typically the first to come to mind, wandering mountain trails until you reach a secluded vista that’s perfect for an intimate ceremony and a breathtaking photoshoot. If hiking isn’t your jam, though, don’t force it! There are plenty of other ways to take advantage of the gorgeous Colorado scenery and have an incredible celebration that reflects your unique interests and quenches your sense of adventure. Here are a few of my favorite ideas! 

4×4 Off-Roading

Off-roading is great for finding remote locations where you’ll be the only ones around. Perfect for Colorado adventure elopement pictures and a quiet vow exchange. If you’re intimidated by driving an ATV yourself, there are plenty of tour companies that you can hire to drive you down some of the state’s best 4×4 roads. 


A groom in a black suit walks his bride on a mountain trail leading her by the hand during their Colorado Adventure Elopement

Kayaking, Canoeing, or Paddleboarding

Nestled into the mountains are some exquisite alpine lakes that are perfect for a little waterfront adventuring. Not only are the lakes perfect for breathtaking photos, but they’re also exciting to explore and offer some of the most incredible views in the state. 

Helicopter Tours

If you’re a couple that loves adrenaline, a helicopter tour is an incredible way to celebrate saying “I do.” Depending on the tour company you use, you can potentially land in a secluded mountain destination away from popular trails with super unique views and plenty of peace and quiet for your Colorado adventure elopement. 

A groom holds the colorful bouquet and leads his wife through a mountain trail on the edge of a lake

Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowshoeing

Winter sports enthusiasts can absolutely incorporate their favorite snowy activities into their adventure elopement! Take to the slopes for a little skiing or snowboarding, or snowshoe your way through the snowbanks. 


If you want the beauty and adventurous spirit of the mountains but without the thrill, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a picnic! Bring a blanket and a picnic basket and enjoy the Colorado wilderness with an intimate and simplistic celebration. 

Newlyweds sit on a hillside with the bride in the groom's lap as he kisses her head at sunset during their Colorado Adventure Elopement

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a classic way to navigate Colorado trails and mountain paths. Plus, who doesn’t love majestic horses featured in glamorous wedding photos surrounded by incredible views?!

Things to Think About for Your Colorado Adventure Elopement

A groom helps his bride down a lakeside mountain trail Colorado Adventure Elopement

How to Get a Colorado Marriage License 

Getting a marriage license in Colorado is about as easy as it can be. You’ll just need to make an appointment at a county clerk’s office (it doesn’t have to be the county in which you plan to get married) and then make sure you bring all of the required documentation and money to cover the application fee. Once you have your license, you have to use it within 35 days. However, Colorado is also the only self-solemnizing state, meaning you don’t need witnesses or an officiant to make your marriage official – you can sign the paperwork yourself!

What to Wear to Your Colorado Adventure Elopement 

What you choose to wear to your Colorado adventure elopement is totally up to you – just keep in mind that you want to be comfortable and prioritize functionality! There’s nothing wrong with wearing a gorgeous bridal gown with a train for those dramatic mountainside wedding photos; you just may want to bring a change of outfit for when you hit the kayaks. If heels are important to your wedding day aesthetic, prepare to change into them for photos because you’ll definitely need some tougher footwear to navigate the Colorado wilderness, whichever adventure you choose!

Newlyweds hold hands while looking at the moon above the mountains on their Colorado Adventure Elopement

How Much Does a Colorado Elopement Cost?

A Colorado elopement costs a minimum of $30 (for your marriage license.) After that, it’s however you choose to budget! Obviously, a quiet mountainside picnic will likely cost less than a private helicopter tour, but that isn’t to say you couldn’t splurge on a 5-star resort stay with indulgent spa treatments either way. Like any wedding, you’ll still want to budget for attire, travel, permits, and other fees, photography, and any additional details like bouquets and boutonnieres or hair and makeup. How you allocate your budget is all up to you!

Newlyweds share a kiss on the edge of a rocky mountain lake Colorado Adventure Elopement

Hiring a Colorado Adventure Elopement Photographer

A lot of couples choose to elope for intimacy and privacy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still your wedding day! Especially with something as incredible as an adventure elopement, you want to make sure you’re capturing every moment of an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime day. As a Colorado adventure elopement photographer, I can help you make the most of your special day, capturing photos that are breathtaking and epic as your unique love story. Check out my portfolio to see how I’ve helped other adventurous couples capture the beauty of their adventure elopements! 

If You Love The Outdoors, Then A Colorado Adventure Elopement Will Tell Your Love Story Like No Other 

You’re an incredible couple who deserve an incredible way to start the rest of your lives together. This is just the beginning of your forever, so why not start it off with a Colorado Adventure Elopement? Reach out when you’re ready so we can start thinking about all of the ways you can make the most of this incredible celebration.