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Have an Unforgettable Loveland Pass Elopement All Year Round

Newlyweds hold hands while walking down a trail in the mountains to their Loveland Pass Elopement

Out of all mountain locations for an unforgettable elopement, it’s hard to resist Loveland Pass; after all, love is in the name! At an elevation of nearly 12,000 feet above sea level, this area of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is known for its incredible vistas, accessible elopement sites, and stunning wildlife. If you’re looking for the perfect mountain getaway where you and your partner can quietly elope, you’ll want to consider a Loveland Pass elopement

The Ultimate Guide to A Loveland Pass Elopement

Newlyweds kiss on the edge of a mountain at sunset in a lace dress and black suit

A groom in a black suit kisses the temple of his bride in a lace dress at sunset in the remote mountains

When You Should Elope in Loveland Pass & How to Pick Your Date

Despite Loveland Pass’s high altitude, they stay open year-round. Of course, drastic weather may force them to close for road crews, but generally, they’re even open in the winter. 

If you and your partner love hitting the slopes and are looking for an elopement that can double as an incredible ski trip, winter is a great season to elope. For a pristine winter wonderland aesthetic, you’ll have incredible snowy mountains. However, while you can drive all the way up to the summit, the winter can bring formidable road conditions. Be prepared with the right equipment (snow chains, a two-wheel drive vehicle, etc.), and make sure whoever is driving is comfortable with icy, snowy, and steep roads. 

Newlyweds embrace nose to nose in the snow at their Loveland Pass Elopement

Newlyweds laugh their way to a kiss while standing in a snowy mountain trail

The snowy season in Loveland Pass typically lasts through June, so if you’re looking for a snow-free elopement, you may want to plan on visiting in July. Although it isn’t unheard of for summer days to reach freezing temperatures either, so don’t rule out a dusting of snow even in the summer! For the most part, July is a beautiful, lush, and vibrant season, perfect for a beautiful elopement. 

Typically, the snowy season begins mid-October, so if you want to avoid winter weather, aim for that July-September sweet spot! 

Regarding the time of day, if you can stand the early wakeup and the cooler temperatures, a sunrise elopement is always ideal, particularly on a weekday. Loveland Pass is a super popular location for tourists, hikers, and nature enthusiasts, meaning it can often get crowded. Sunrise will still have gorgeous golden light but without a bunch of other people who may be trying to take advantage of the same beautiful views. 

Newlyweds walk hand in hand down a trail through a field of tall grasses at sunset for their Loveland Pass Elopement

A groom in a black suit dips his bride in a lace dress at sunset on a mountain trail at their Loveland Pass Elopement

Loveland Pass Elopement Locations

One of the biggest draws of a Loveland Pass elopement is 360-degree mountain views. You’ll see towering peaks capped in snow and dappled in evergreens everywhere you look. Additionally, you can get some of the most extraordinary views near the parking area, meaning you don’t have to hike too far for a breathtaking backdrop. This also makes it one of the most accessible mountain elopement spots for couples searching for a view without the hassle of a hike. 

A bride plays in her lace dress with the wind while holding hands with her groom and standing in the remote mountains

Newlyweds kiss on a mountainside at sunset

How to Get a Loveland Pass Marriage License

Colorado makes it pretty darn easy to get a marriage license. All you have to do is visit the county clerk’s office (it doesn’t even have to be in the county where you are getting married) with all the necessary documentation. There’s a minimal fee (less than $40) to process your license, but once you have it, there’s no waiting period – you can go straight to your elopement! You’ll definitely want to make an appointment before you go to the county clerk’s office, though, so you can avoid waiting in line. 

Additionally, you may need a permit to elope in Loveland Pass. It’s a popular spot for hiking and other recreational activities, so their permits help protect the wildlife. Their permit requirements and costs change relatively often, so you’ll want to do your due diligence and contact the Clear Creek Ranger District to see what kind of permit you may need. 

A bride in a cream floral dress stands in a dirt road fixing her hair and holding her white bouquet at her Loveland Pass Elopement

A groom in a black suit stands smiling with hands in his pockets at sunset for his Loveland Pass Elopement

What to Wear to Your Elopement

Layers, layers, layers!! While the summer days can be considerably warmer than the winter, it’s still not rare for July to see freezing temperatures. It’s always better to have extra layers to take off for photos or your elopement than to be freezing cold. Wind can make for some pretty epic photos, too, but it can also feel bitterly cold, so come prepared! You’ll want shoes with good traction and insulation, and bringing a few extra pairs of socks never hurts. Gloves, scarves, hand warmers, a thermos of something warm and cozy – you may want to bring it all!

Newlyweds stand nose to nose in the snow by a lake during their Loveland Pass Elopement

A bride looks down her shoulder while standing on a large rock in Loveland pass during her elopement

How Much Does an Elopement Cost?

The best part about eloping is that your budget can be as flexible as needed. You can totally get away with spending only the basics (travel expenses, marriage license fees, and permit costs,) or you can splurge on yourselves. You’ll want to include attire costs and any extras like a bouquet or boutonniere, a picnic blanket, or anything else. Additionally, budget for an experienced wedding photographer to help you create a visual time capsule of your incredible wedding day. 

Additionally, you may have decided to keep things intimate, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate! It’s still your wedding day, after all. Splurge on a stay at a nearby ski resort or a cozy bed and breakfast. Even if you simply toast Champagne at a nearby restaurant, you deserve to acknowledge this beautiful moment in the next chapter of your love story. 

A bride lays in the lap of her husband on a steep hillside at sunset


Hiring a Loveland Pass Elopement Photographer

When hiring a Loveland Pass elopement photographer for your special day, who you choose matters. That’s why picking someone like myself, an experienced Colorado elopement photographer who doesn’t shy away from adventure and gets the best shot every time. Even if your elopement is just you and your partner, you’ll never regret having stunning photos that chronicle every detail of your wedding day. That’s where I come in: to help you achieve just that. 

Newlyweds hold hands while walking through a remote mountain trail at sunset

Loveland Pass Elopement

A Loveland Pass elopement is full of spectacular views, Colorado wilderness, and authentic love between you and your partner. I’ve had the privilege of photographing many Colorado elopements, so if you have questions or concerns, I’m happy to talk them through. I’m here for you in this incredible phase of your romantic journey!