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Staunton State Park Wedding Venue for Romantic Views & I-Do’s

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Who says that a wedding has to be a formal affair? More than anything, your wedding should reflect you, your partner, and what you love! For some people, that might mean a beautiful wedding amidst some of the country’s most incredible views and enchanting natural backdrops. Whether you invite a more extensive guest list or sneak away into the mountains on your own, a Staunton State Park wedding provides a beautiful day! 

Now, while you may think it’s better to get married in a nearby National Park rather than a State Park, I highly encourage you to give a Colorado State Park a try. The fees are generally lower, they don’t book up quite as quickly, and you won’t have to battle enormous crowds of visitors. You will want to remember things like parking and accessibility to restrooms for you and your guests. 

Staunton State Park is a perfect place for a wedding for a couple who likes the outdoors, a taste of adventure, and lots of fresh air. I’ve put together some information about the park as a potential venue, so keep reading to see if you can envision your wedding as a Staunton State Park wedding! 

About The Staunton State Park Wedding Venue

To give you a generalized idea of its location, Staunton State Park is about 40 miles southwest of downtown Denver and about 6 miles west of Conifer. We have Frances H. Staunton to thank for Staunton State Park, as she donated the first 1,720-acre parcel to Colorado State Parks in 1986. As the years went by, other parcels were acquired to conserve the gorgeous natural landscapes, and today, the park covers 3,828 acres. 

The park boasts soaring granite cliffs that rise to over 10,000 feet and beautiful mountainside meadows perfect for romantic photos (we’ll talk more about that soon.) Its unique blend of geology, soils, water features, and climate makes it a comfortable home for various rare plant communities and diverse wildlife. Basically, it’s a gorgeous park, and it understandably draws a wide variety of visitors, both human and animal. 

The best way to fully experience Staunton State Park is by exploring its fabulous trails. You can spend the day hiking, biking, or horseback riding to get a great sense of its landscape. All trails have natural surfaces and vary in difficulty, ranging from a short 2-mile loop to an all-day hike that explores deeper into the park’s expansive acreage. 

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding more of an experience, you can certainly hike one of the trails to a beautiful ceremony spot, spend a little time fishing at one of the park’s charming ponds, or even check out their brand-new archery range! Additionally, it’s a dog-friendly park, so your furry friend can join your special day! 

A couple cuddles together showing off her ring with her hand on his chest Staunton State Park Wedding

Details of the Grounds

There are plenty of beautiful places to exchange vows with your partner in Staunton State Park. If you have chosen to elope or simply to invite a more intimate group of guests, you can turn the day into a hiking trip and make your way to one of the incredible vista points higher up the mountain for an incredible and unique backdrop to say “I do.” Pack your hiking boots, whether in a formal bridal gown or a more casual vibe! 

If you’re looking for a more accessible place to host your ceremony, consider reserving Marmot Burrow Amphitheater. It’s a sweet, secluded, and privately wooded spot with wooden benches made of simple tree stumps and planks and a rustic wooden archway that can totally be enhanced with florals or drapery for a more celebratory aesthetic. It can accommodate up to 60 guests and has beautiful views of Lions Head in the distance. 

Another perk of having your ceremony at Marmot Burrow is its proximity to the Ranch Hand Picnic Area, a large covered pavilion you can reserve for a reception or celebration following your vows. It holds up to 75 seated guests and has 26 parking spaces reserved for your event. 

There are eight picnic tables, perfect for a casual gathering and sharing a delicious meal, electrical outlets and lighting, and countertops that are ideal for serving food. Water is available at Ranch Hand Picnic Area between June 1 and October 15, and there are two large double charcoal grills perfect for a cookout or barbecue if that’s the vibe you’re after! 

Additional Details & Locations

Something to note is that the site only has vault toilets, which are essentially toilets that don’t flush, so while you and your guests will have a place to relieve yourselves, it isn’t the most formal-apparel-friendly option, if you catch my drift. 

Suppose you like the idea of Ranch Hand Picnic Area but don’t need quite that much space. In that case, Davis Ponds Picnic Area is a smaller pavilion at the Davis Ponds fishing lakes. While sacrificing a bit of space (this area only holds up to 35), you’ll exchange it for a beautiful, sweet, romantic waterfront view. This location has four picnic tables, one grill, and a vault toilet. 

A couple lays in a field of wildflowers on a mountain trail holding hands Staunton State Park Wedding

Photography Opportunities

The benefit of any state park wedding is the beautiful outdoor locations perfect for dramatic, nature-centric wedding photos. If you’re up for a little hiking, we can explore the hillside meadows full of tall grasses and wildflowers for beautiful and romantic photos. 

Tall, majestic pine trees and woodland clearings are perfect for mystical forest shots, and we can steal away to the lakes for sweet, intimate couple portraits in front of the serene waters. There are plenty of other unique locations for photos at Staunton State Park, and we’ll find as many as we can to build you the wedding album of your dreams! 

Wedding Details

You can only book Marmot Burrow Amphitheater, Ranch Hand Picnic Area, and Davis Ponds Picnic area up to 6 months in advance. Hence, you may have to hold your horses a bit when booking your venue (if you’re a big ahead-of-time planner).

Both picnic areas and the amphitheater are pretty bare-bones regarding décor and amenities, so if you want to dress them up, just be sure to plan and budget for everything you need to make your vision come to life. You can transform these park pavilions into something special and unique because they’re blank canvases with beautiful views and rustic park vibes that are as lovely as they are loaded with potential! 

Staunton State Park Wedding

A Staunton State Park wedding is an excellent option for couples with a smaller guest list and an affinity for nature. 

Want a brainstorming buddy to talk about all the ways you can make this venue work for you and your vision? I’d love to help! When ready, let’s chat about photos and state park weddings!

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