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An Ultimate Guide To A Colorado Helicopter Wedding & Elopement

Newlyweds walk away into the sunset on a remote mountain hillside during their Colorado Helicopter Wedding

You’re a couple that loves adventure. So when you decided on a destination elopement, you knew it would have to be somewhere special – really special. In fact, maybe a destination elopement isn’t even enough of an adventure for you, and now you’re trying to figure out a way to really set your celebration apart from every other. Let me interject and suggest something pretty epic – a Colorado helicopter wedding

There’s nothing more amazing than taking in the breathtaking sights of a place like, say, the mountains of Colorado, from the soaring heights of a helicopter, finding a secluded place to land and enjoy this momentous occasion in life. Plus, a helicopter elopement lets you take advantage of amazing mountain shots without hiking in a wedding dress! 

Something to keep in mind is that helicopter elopements really limit the number of people who can attend. This makes it a perfect option for couples who truly want a secluded elopement. But less ideal for those who may want close family to be included. Even still, you can always choose to have an intimate ceremony somewhere nearby with friends and family present before jumping into a helicopter with your new spouse and landing somewhere quiet to exchange vows and take photos!

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Plan The Perfect Day With A Colorado Helicopter Wedding

Think you’re up for the adventure of a Colorado helicopter wedding? Keep reading to learn more! 

A champagne picnic and cheese tray set up on a blanket in a field during a Colorado Helicopter Wedding

When You Should Elope in Colorado With A Helicopter Wedding & How to Pick Your Date

Like all aircraft, helicopters can only safely fly when the weather is right. While you can never plan for inclement weather, you can certainly give yourself a better chance for an uninterrupted elopement by picking the right season. Of course, with mountain climates located all over the state, the weather can really vary from area to area. Not to mention that even summer temperatures at lower elevations can be vastly different from high-elevation summer temps. When you choose where in Colorado to have your helicopter elopement and get in touch with your helicopter company, they can usually give you plenty of recommendations of when (and where!) is best to fly. 

Newlyweds walk hand in hand up a remote hill at sunset during their Colorado Helicopter Wedding

Colorado Helicopter Wedding Locations

Colorado has so many incredible spots for elopements, and when it comes to helicopter elopements, they can be held all over the state. There are some limits as to where helicopters can land, however. Generally, helicopters can land at an airport or on private property. That’s why, when booking your helicopter company, it’s important to confirm with them that their flights include landing spots – especially if you’re hoping for mountain photos or a vow exchange! Even if you aren’t able to land in the mountains, however, there’s nothing quite like flying over the rocky Colorado terrain holding the hand of your new spouse. 

A wedding dress hanging in a fur tree during a Colorado Helicopter Wedding

How to Get a Colorado Marriage License

Colorado is a very easy state in which to get married, even for couples who don’t call the state home. All you have to do is download and fill out the paperwork ahead of time, make an appointment at a county clerk’s office, and show up with all the required documentation. Once you have your license, you can get married anywhere within the state of Colorado. Even up high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains during a helicopter wedding! You’ll need to use your license within 35 days from the date of issue and keep in mind that there is a minimal $30 application fee. 

Fun fact: did you know that Colorado is the only state where you can self-solemnize your marriage? This means you can serve as your own officiant! This is particularly handy for a helicopter wedding where seating may be limited. You also don’t need witnesses, meaning your elopement can literally be just the two of you if that’s what you choose! 

Details of a white rose bouquet on a picnic blanket during a Colorado Helicopter Wedding

What to Wear

Even though you’ll be standing on top of a mountain, you can still wear a wedding dress and a tux, if you so choose! Basically, you can wear whatever you want, bearing a few things in mind. First, you’ll definitely want to wear appropriate footwear. Even though you won’t be hiking to your destination, you’ll still want to make sure you bring shoes or boots with grip soles that can handle uneven terrain. You can always carry your heels with you and change into them when it’s time to start snapping photos, but fun, furry snow boots are always a unique touch! 

Second – be sure to bring a coat! Even in the summer, high altitudes can bring some pretty chilly temperatures, and you’ll be grateful you’ve prepared for harsh winds and cold. Other cold-weather accessories like earmuffs, gloves, and hand warmers are a must. The best case scenario is you don’t need them; the worst case scenario is that you’ll be glad you had them! 

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How Much Does a Colorado Helicopter Wedding Cost?

A private helicopter tour of Colorado can get pretty costly; depending on where you choose to elope and which company you use, private tours can cost upwards of $1000 per person. However, when you compare that to the cost of a large banquet wedding, it’s still quite a steal! 

You’ll also want to take other costs of the day into consideration. You’ll likely want special attire since it is your wedding day, after all! Details like a bridal bouquet, hair and makeup, and other special touches can all add up, too. If you choose to host a separate celebration with friends and family, you’ll want to think about any included venue fees or costs of additional celebrations following your helicopter tour. 

Of course, if you don’t live near the area where you’re eloping, you’ll also need to think about travel expenses, accommodations, and food. Plus, even if you’re eloping with just the two of you, it’s still your wedding celebration, and you want it to be special – so maybe splurge on an upscale romantic dinner or a mountainside spa day to celebrate. 

Basically, it’s your wedding day, and it can be whatever you want it to be! 

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Hiring a Colorado Wedding Photographer

If you’re doing something as amazing as a helicopter elopement, you’ll definitely want a photographer to come along with you to capture this incredible once-in-a-lifetime event. That’s where I come in! As a Colorado elopement photographer, I have plenty of experience capturing spectacular portraits in the mountains that couples can always look back on and swoon. Your wedding won’t be an exception; I’ll deliver an album full of amazing shots that will take your breath away!

Take Your Vows To New Heights With A Colorado Helicopter Wedding

A Colorado helicopter wedding has to be one of the most epic ways to say “I do.” If you’re looking for an amazing way to begin the new chapter of the rest of your lives together, this may be your sign! Have more questions? Let’s connect so we can brainstorm all about your amazing wedding day!