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Make Your Special Day Unforgettable & Plan a Telluride Elopement

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Telluride is a fantastic Colorado getaway destination. With plenty of opportunities for hiking, off-roading, and skiing, as well as warm hospitality and unbeatable mountain views, it’s no wonder adventurous couples love eloping here! If you’re considering an adventure-filled, intimate experience, you’ll definitely want to consider a Telluride elopement

The Ultimate Guide To A Telluride Elopement

When You Should Elope in Telluride & How to Pick Your Date

Telluride has four beautiful, distinct seasons, each offering an array of unique natural features. Summer is a fabulous time for a Telluride elopement. The surrounding towns are bustling with activity, the mountains are (generally) free of snow, and the valleys and hillsides are bursting with colorful wildflowers. June through August brings crisp mountain air and some of the most incredible sunrise lighting you’ll ever see. 

You’ll love eloping in the winter if you’re big skiers or snow bunnies. Everything is covered in blankets of soft, fairy tale-worthy snow, perfect for winter activities. Many off-road trails and paths close for the season. However, we’ll still be able to find picture-perfect sites with spectacular mountain views for your winter wonderland elopement. 

The fall is an extraordinary time to experience Telluride. Vibrant fall colors and cool, crisp weather make it ideal for autumn lovers looking for gorgeous seasonal vibes for their elopement. 

In total transparency, spring can be a little challenging in Telluride – but not undoable! Spring is when a lot of vendors take the time to refresh and recover from a busy winter season, and the weather can be pretty unpredictable. I recommend looking into summer dates, but we’ll make it work if you have your heart set on an April or May date!

Telluride Elopement Locations

Telluride has a variety of amazing spots to pick for your elopement. With me as your wedding photographer, I’ll help you find the perfect location for an unforgettable experience. 

Aside from its elopement-appropriate name, Bridal Veil Falls is an excellent option for couples who enjoy an adventure. It’s a fairly easy 2-mile hike that a 4WD or jeep can access. Its incredible, romantic waterfalls make it a popular elopement spot and especially gorgeous at sunrise. I recommend a Bridal Veil Falls elopement in the late spring, when the waterfalls are roaring at their peak, or in the fall when the mountains come alive with vibrant, golden aspens. 

Blue Lakes comprises Lower Blue Lake, Middle Blue Lake, and Upper Blue Lake, with spectacular waterfront views. Named for their breathtaking turquoise color, the lakes are one of the most photogenic elopement spots. Mid-July through mid-August, you’ll find the surrounding meadows bursting with unbelievable wildflowers, creating a vibrant sea of color unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Of course, I’ll also use my Colorado adventure elopement experience to help you find the perfect place for your unique elopement, whatever the season!

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How to Get a Telluride Marriage License

Luckily, getting your marriage license for a Telluride engagement is pretty much the easiest part! You can go to any county clerk in Colorado to get your license. You’ll be given your license after showing the required documentation and paying a minimal fee. 

There’s no waiting period, so you can literally go get married as soon as you have it in hand (though I recommend getting it a day or two before your elopement). Then, submit it before the 30-day deadline, and voila – you’re officially married! 

What to Wear to Your Telluride Elopement

One of the best parts of an elopement is that you can wear whatever you want! It is, however, still your wedding day, so I definitely recommend choosing to wear something special. And, I must say, a white dress against the backdrop of these Telluride vistas is stunning. Something to keep in mind, however, is that you’ll want to bring layers. 

With unpredictable weather and high altitudes, you’d much rather have something warm to put on if needed (trust me.) Bring a cute jacket or coat that enhances your outfit in case you need to stay warm. Don’t forget a pair of heavy-duty hiking boots, too! 

How Much Does a Telluride Elopement Cost?

One of the best parts of having an elopement is that it can fit almost any budget. With a few exceptions like a marriage certificate, travel costs, and any required permits, your wedding can cost whatever you want. Also, consider that things may cost more depending on the season. Generally, plan to spend between $5,000 and $15,000 – though it’s always possible to spend more or less. 

Start by identifying your priorities with your partner. Is it important to have high-end attire? Do you want to hire a professional driver or tour guide to get you up the mountain? How about a luxury mountainside honeymoon following your elopement? Is it important to have traditional wedding perks like hair and makeup, flowers, or a cake? Ultimately, deciding what you want for your elopement will help to determine your overall cost. 

One thing that I wholeheartedly think is worth the investment is hiring an experienced elopement photographer. I know it may not come as a surprise, but let me tell you why! 

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Hiring a Telluride Elopement Photographer

One of the best parts about getting married in such a breathtaking, scenic location is using the incredible vistas to your advantage for unforgettable wedding photos. After all, you may be eloping, but it’s still your wedding day! You’ll never regret having a wedding album of stunning pictures to look back on and treasure for the rest of your lives. 

When it comes to a destination Colorado elopement, you’ll want to hire someone with experience navigating the mountains and an innate sense of adventure. That’s where I come in! I’ve called Colorado home for over a decade, and helping couples embrace the journey of a wild elopement is one of my favorite parts of the job (the other parts are getting to know each of my couples and taking heirloom-worthy photos!) 

From making sure your outfit, hair, and makeup look effortlessly perfect, scouting locations for you, and accounting for every other detail, I promise I’ll help make your elopement everything you’ve dreamed it would be – and more.

Telluride Elopement

Getting married is an adventure in and of itself, but a Telluride elopement is a true adventure. Let me help make your elopement even more unforgettable! Let’s start planning!