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Your 2024 Ultimate Guide to a Blue Lakes Breckenridge Elopement!

A bride in boots and a white dress holds her colorful bouquet while walking by a mountain lake on green grass

If you haven’t yet considered eloping, and you find yourself questioning whether a big wedding is the right choice for you and your partner, I highly encourage you to think about it! Eloping allows you plenty of privacy and intimacy because you and your partner get to focus solely on each other without the pressure of entertaining anyone else. It also allows you flexibility and freedom to do what you want, when you want, because eloping is all about YOU! Eloping can also be an adventure, allowing you the freedom to exchange vows in breathtaking destinations and create memories in unique and meaningful locations. You can curate an experience that reflects your desires and priorities and focus on the beauty of the journey you are beginning together. Speaking of adventures, the Blue Lakes in Breckenridge is perfect for your elopement.

Known for its captivating alpine landscapes and intimate charm, Breckenridge is a true celebration of the splendor of mother nature, and it offers endless opportunities for breathtaking wedding photos and making unforgettable memories. I’ve compiled this helpful guide to a Blue Lakes Breckenridge elopement to help you see the potential in a destination elopement nestled in the Colorado Rockies. I hope you find it helpful! 

About Your Blue Lakes Breckenridge Elopement – Everything You Need to Know for a Beautiful Celebration of Love

When You Should Elope at Blue Lakes in Breckenridge

Choosing your date to elope in Breckenridge depends on a few different factors, namely the weather and your personal preferences! 

In the winter, the area is full of magical snowy landscapes with snow-covered mountain peaks setting the scene for cozying up in your partner’s arms as a newly married couple. In the spring, blooming wildflowers and lush greenery become the backdrop for your wedding, coming alive with vibrant colors and the irresistible joy that springtime brings. 

Summertime in Breckenridge brings pleasant weather with warmer days and cooler evenings, perfect for a temperate outdoor ceremony. Fall showcases Breckenridge’s spectacular autumnal colors with vibrant foliage and breathtaking landscapes that will come alive in wedding photos and make you want to curl up by the fire.

Whatever the season, Breckenridge is always beautiful, and eloping here is always a dreamy and romantic adventure.  

As far as time of day goes, Blue Lakes is one of Breckenridge’s most popular trails, so an earlier or a weekday ceremony may be better if you’re hoping to avoid crowds. If you have your heart set on a sunset ceremony, we can still make it work – it may not be as quiet and secluded as an early sunrise elopement!

A groom lifts his new bride while standing in the snow in the mountains Blue lakes Breckenridge Elopement

Blue Lakes Breckenridge Elopement Locations

There are so many enchanting locations where you and your partner can elope, making your special day truly memorable. Blue Lakes trail has several spots that are perfect for your intimate vows. 

Several lakes make up the Blue Lakes trail, including Lower Blue Lake, Middle Blue Lake, and Upper Blue Lake (creative names, I know!) The lakes have tranquil waters and scenic backgrounds with panoramic mountain views that provide a breathtaking backdrop for your elopement ceremony. 

Suppose you’re looking for something a little more adventurous. In that case, Quandary Peak also has spectacular views and a vast clearing of pine trees. Still, it is definitely for more advanced hikers and requires route-finding skills to locate it. 

The Waterfall Overlook is another stunning option for an elopement, with a beautiful waterfall that cascades down a tall wall of rocks. Rushing water adds to a ceremony’s romantic and secluded atmosphere. It is a truly majestic place to promise to love your partner for the rest of time. 

How to Get a Breckenridge Marriage License

You’ll need to take a few steps to get a Breckenridge Marriage License. First, make an appointment with the Summit County Clerk’s Office (which you can only do within three weeks of applying for a license.) Be sure to bring the required paperwork with you, and check the Summit County Clerk’s Office website for a complete list of the documentation you’ll need to bring.

The application fee is $30, so come prepared to pay. Your license will be issued the same day you apply with no waiting period, and it is usually ready in about 20 minutes! Something fun to note is that you don’t need an officiant or witness to marry in Breckenridge. In fact, you can conduct your own ceremony, and your dog can even sign as your witness! How great is that?

A bride twirls and plays with her dress while standing on the edge of a mountain lake Blue lakes Breckenridge Elopement

How Much Does a Blue Lakes Breckenridge Elopement Cost?

Like any wedding, eloping in Breckenridge can vary depending on your priorities, desires, and other potential expenses. You should consider things like travel and accommodations if you are visiting from out of town and whether you plan to hire an officiant. 

Even if it’s just the two of you at your elopement, you may want to splurge on a romantic dinner or a fun activity that the two of you can treasure the memory of for the rest of your lives. Also, consider any additional services, like flowers, hair and makeup, transportation, and your attire, all of which you should account for in your budget. 

Of course, I may be slightly biased, but I highly encourage you to invest in photography for your elopement. You’ll be amazed at how fast the day flies by, and you don’t want to regret not having photos of the day when you became a married couple. The right photographer will capture every moment of your elopement so that you can treasure each memory for the rest of your lives. And speaking of photographers…

Hiring a Breckenridge Elopement Photographer

There are few things I love more than adventure, romance, and photography, which makes me such an ideal photographer for your Breckenridge elopement. I’ll help you capture the essence of the breathtaking mountains surrounding you while finding new and innovative ways to showcase you and your partner you will be proud to share with generations to come. 

I know how to help people feel comfortable in front of a camera, and surrounded by the beauty of Blue Lakes, I promise that you and your partner will feel truly on top of the world, unencumbered by anyone or anything that isn’t about you and your love. I’m fun, professional, and passionate about capturing your authentic relationship and love story and translating it into your timeless wedding pictures.

Blue Lakes Breckenridge Elopement

If you think a Blue Lakes Breckenridge elopement is starting to sound like a good fit for you and your partner, I highly encourage you to check it out! I’d love to talk to you about the area and why I think it’s such an incredible place to begin your life together, and think about how we’ll use that spectacular scenery to capture the most incredible wedding photos you’ve ever seen.

Finding the perfect venue always brings lots of joy and excitement! Both luckily and unfortunately, Breckenridge has so many incredible venues! But it makes it hard to choose one that is perfect for you! So if you are still on the hunt for the dream Colorado wedding venue, browse the blog links below! Then let’s chat about your dream wedding photos!